U.S. specialist real estate manager Prodigy Network have retained the services of Nordicus to handle distribution in Europe.

Prodigy is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm that provides individuals, family offices and wealth managers from around the world, access to investment opportunities in the U.S. Since Title II of the JOBS Act was signed in 2013, Prodigy’s investment thesis has been to democratize real estate investments that previously were only accessible to institutional investors.

Through their own proprietary investment platform, Prodigy Network has raised over $690 million from investors in 42 different countries and 27 US States. In addition to raising equity from individual investors, Prodigy Network leverages traditional financing from large institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, and CIBC. Prodigy’s portfolio of 5 operating projects and 3 in development has an estimated projected value of $1 Billion.

Nordicus Managing Director Henrik Norén commented: “We are very much looking forward to this cooperation with Prodigy, who have appealing investment opportunities for the European investor community, in particular family offices and wealth managers seeking real estate exposure in major U.S. cities. The fact that the company itself does not reap the benefit until investors have recieved their initial capital and preferred return adds to this appeal.