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Invescap is a private lending and investment firm providing premium quality investment solutions to qualified investors. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the company creates high-yield investment opportunities for an exclusive global clientele. The focus is on profitability, sustainability and portfolio diversification.
Since 2017, Invescap is the sponsor and distributor of the SPI All Yields Fund (AYF). The investment strategy of the fund generates stable returns via receivables factoring in the US Healthcare sector. By targeting high growth clinics specialized in life-saving surgeries and with investment grade counterparties, the SPI AYF has achieved a positive monthly return since inception in US dollars. For a 5th quarter in a row, the SPY AYF is ranked number one on Morningstar in comparison to over 800 mutual funds in the credit universe, based on the 3- and 5-year annualized performance.

Manager visits, Seminars & Conferences

In our representation of and consultancy services to our clients in the Nordic region and selected European countries, we perform a number of services, including:

  • organising educational seminars & training sessions.
  • encouraging manager attendance at relevant external conferences and similar events.
  • organising visits to the manager’s offices in their respective domicile.
  • setting up one-to-one meetings with investors.